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Hi, I am Dr. Prasad Sastry

Born in the early seventies, I was raised by a hard-working mother and father. I had two elder sisters, which meant I always had to compete for attention and resources. Unfortunately, my father passed away at a young age, leaving my mother to balance work and family responsibilities on her own. Despite the challenges, I was able build a career in Technical & Customer support.
I have worked with a few multi-million dollar, multi-national companies over the last 20 years of my life and all that I got in return was the feeling of being constantly drained...

Let me guess, you are here to create a life where you won't be bound by the shackles of working for hours and hours on end, with very little results. Trust me, I was there too...

We belong to a group of Elite entrepreneurs who are experts in Digital marketing and help people earn millions of dollars in record time. I started on this journey and have not seen anything like this in the past. I would encourage you to visit this site and register for a free training on a tested model to put you on the path to success.

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Hi, I am Shumal

I am a computer science engineer based in Bangalore, India, who wanted nothing to do with corporate jobs, after watching my father struggle to balance family time, work and his health for years!
Apart from being an entrepreneur I am also a

Digital content creator
Freelance model

Run my own clothing store- Lit Sutairu

And I am very passionate about helping and feeding stray animals.

I have always wanted to do something completely out of the box and that's when we found out how life changing this strategy is!

This is called as the wealth triangle, it follows a simple principle which tells you

how to attain certain skills which will help you build a profitable business

and give you high returns on your investment, your investment being a little bit

of your time, effort and monetary kind.

Do you love your job, but still find yourself sick and tired of the monotonous lifestyle you lead?
Do you want to spend more time with your family or doing what you love?
We have been there too!
Trust us!
We found the solution to all our problems, it was God-send!

You don't believe us? You should see for yourself!



You are only a couple of decisions away from leading your dream lifestyle.

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Excited? Can't wait to get started?
Come walk with me, follow my words to the W of it and I assure you, you cannot fail.

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The day you wake up and realise that you are genuinely and truly free and the only thing holding you down is your mindset, is the exact moment at which the universe begins to align for you.

SHUMAL PRASAD, Director, Sazpod Lifestyle Solutions.

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